Inpro/Seal Launches Online Marketplace for Reliability Solutions

Fast, Easy Ordering System for Bearing Isolators, Shaft Grounding Solutions and Steam Turbine Floating Brush Seals
Inpro/Seal Launches Online Marketplace for Reliability Solutions

Inpro/Seal Marketplace (Image Source: Inpro/Seal)

For over 40 years, Inpro/Seal, the inventor of the Bearing Isolator, has maintained a market leadership position through innovative reliability solutions, responsive customer support and speed of delivery. Now, Inpro/Seal has expanded on these core principles with the introduction of a digital storefront, Inpro/Seal Marketplace (

Inpro/Seal Marketplace simplifies the ordering process for Bearing Isolators, shaft grounding solutions and steam turbine floating brush seals and helps customers get the right technology, right when they need it. Customers can search for products by existing part numbers or equipment information, see pricing and place orders at any hour of the day or night, all with just a click of a button. Once an order is placed, customers can check order status and shipment tracking online.

“At Inpro/Seal, we are continually working to improve the customer experience. With a sophisticated ecommerce tool like Inpro/Seal Marketplace, it is even easier and faster to do business with us,” said Chris Johnson, Inpro/Seal Vice President and General Manager. “We are excited to introduce this new tool to support our customers in improving reliability and reducing equipment downtime.”


Source: Inpro/Seal

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