Improved Production Safety


STREAMLINE™ intensifiers and accessories for waterjet cutting are highly complex technical systems. Smooth and economic production is only ensured when all system elements are fully compatible. This applies in particular to intensifiers that produce pressures of more than 4,136 bar.

Under extreme conditions, certain components such as seals or valves tend to show signs of wear. The service life of the various consumables and wearing parts is determined by factors such as water quality, switching cycles of the cutting head, number of piston strokes, idle and cutting pressure and material properties. When replacing a wearing part, it is important to consider the type of part that is to replace the original part. Proper fit and high material quality are the most important requirements as regards spare parts. Only original spare parts by KMT Waterjet meet the relevant standards and help reduce the risk of prolonged production stoppage due to defective spare parts. Please note: the hard seal end cap design of the new SL-V intensifier replaces the conventional seals with fully metallic ones. This approach does away with two seal kits, reduces the number of wearing parts, helps lower operating costs and minimises the risk of downtimes.

Fast and easy replacement

Original spare parts by KMT Waterjet conform to the highest quality standards and are designed for fast and easy replacement. This is however only possible, if the new parts are fitting properly. Even the slightest deviation in size or profile design might cause severe problems when replacing parts, leading to downtimes that could have been avoided with original spare parts.

Original spare parts eliminate the risk of consequential damage

Spare parts from suppliers other than KMT Waterjet might cause damage not only to the unit but the entire high-pressure system, due to parts with poor fit or poor material quality. Such downtimes are of course costly. By using parts from other suppliers, the operator also voids the warranty granted by KMT Waterjet.

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