Herborner Pumpentechnik Introduces New Generation of Pumps


The coated “herborner” pump series, now includes the new herborner.max series. This series offers numerous innovations to help save energy costs and resources.

Herborner Pumpentechnik Introduces New Generation of Pumps

Maximum effectiveness and energy efficiency: the new herborner.max pumps – herborner.Fmax, herborner.Xmax and herborner.Dmax. (Image: Herborner Pumpentechnik)

In developing these pumps, the main goal was to maximize energy efficiency, which helps customers save costs throughout the product’s entire life cycle. Lower energy consumption also means protecting the environment. 20% of the world’s energy consumption comes from pumps, which highlights the importance of this approach. In addition to saving energy, it also saves precious metals thanks to the material substitution, along with a specially developed HPC coating technology. The result is a resource-saving product with no compromises.

As usual with Herborner products, the new herborner.max stands for the highest possible quality. All wetted components are 100% corrosion-protected. The high-quality, specially developed refining process for the HPC coating provides the best possible protection against wear, corrosion and adhesion. The smooth surfaces offer unparalleled pump efficiency. Simple assembly and safe startup, even after lengthy downtimes, are guaranteed with this series.

The pump’s efficiency, which is maximized thanks to its smooth surfaces, makes it possible to use much smaller, more cost-effective motors in many cases, because the pump does not need as much energy to reach the desired operating point. The pump is driven by permanent magnet motors in energy efficiency class IE5 (ultra-premium efficiency), the best possible efficiency class currently available for motors. Combined with perfectly customized frequency converters as part of the scope of delivery for these maximized pumps, the pump can be infinitely regulated.

The pump interior was designed for the best possible, most efficient flow. The impeller, which for the first time comes with a smooth coating, further reduces friction losses and increases pump efficiency by an additional 3%. Another feature of the pumps, perhaps even the most important feature, is the maximum impeller diameter, which guarantees optimal flow behavior for the pump hydraulics. The pump is adapted for specific plant characteristics by regulating the speed, rather than by adjusting the impeller diameter as in older pump series. As a result, the operator has not just a single characteristic line, but an entire characteristic range available to choose the most energy-efficient pump. Compared to conventional pumps, this can save up to 20% in energy costs, depending on the pump.

The combination of an energy-efficient motor and smooth-coated pump hydraulics, the built-in converter and the maximum impeller diameter demonstrate the complete efficiency of the new generation of pumps, which use the speed control to regulate the motor over its available power within the characteristic range. This combination makes the new generation of herborner.max pumps one of a kind on the market!

For the operator, this new series means lower life cycle costs thanks to the best possible energy efficiency and quality. As a result, this innovation creates a resource-saving product that reduces CO2 emissions in the long term. That makes the herborner.max one of the most sustainable products in the pump industry.

The new herborner.max pumps are tailored to the specific application in each case. The herborner.Fmax can be used flexibly as a block pump, which makes it ideal for the complex world of plant engineering. The herborner.Xmax is ideal for use as a circulating pump, with its built-in hair and fiber filter. The portfolio is rounded out by the inline block pump, herborner.Dmax, which can be installed directly in pipelines.

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