Focussing on the Essential Makes Pump Selection Even Easier


VSX - Vogel Software has extended its Spaix 4 product family by a compact version for pump selection and performance curve optimization. The product Spaix 4 Quick&Easy is especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies who are focusing on performance curve management and pump selection while only having a limited budget available.

Focussing on the Essential Makes Pump Selection Even Easier

Spaix 4 Quick&Easy is a powerful, easy to use and cost-saving software within the product family for pump selection. (Image: VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH)

Due to the focus on core functionalities, the new software can be characterized by its easy handling and user friendliness. Reliable pump selection is possible with minimal effort. While the software includes all functions for the pump selection and the work with performance curves, the pump configuration and proposal management was intentionally omitted.

Spaix Quick&Easy contains all functions for the entry, evaluation, conversion and administration of pump performance curves already known from Spaix 4 Pumps. Moreover, the software includes drive selection and dimensioning. Additional information about the pump can be embedded as external files. For creating data sheets, a graphical design program is available. Included in the scope of delivery is a compilation of standard data sheets that can be individually customized. The selection results can be easily forwarded using the integrated PDF export.

Furthermore, the operating costs calculation allows a comparison of pumps with the focus on economic aspects. The calculation of a pumps life cycle costs (LCC) can either be done according to the methods of Hydraulic Institute or Europump. Additionally, the software provides the calculation of the energy efficiency index (EEI) and minimum efficiency index (MEI) corresponding to current EU regulations.

The multilingualism and a convertible unit system enables a flexible and global use of the software. Spaix 4 Quick&Easy can be extended resp. customized by optional programs. Using for instance, the program Spaix 4 PipeCalc, enables the user to determine the duty point according to the application and piping system.

"Spaix 4 Quick&Easy will inspire our customers in terms of both, the licensing costs as well as the small effort for its implementation" knows Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX - Vogel Software. "It offers an optimal solution for customers who are looking for a powerful, state-of-the-art pump selection system with a comparable small price. To upgrade Spaix 4 Quick&Easy to the full-featured version is possible at any time what could make the software also interesting for larger companies as entry product."

Moreover, users can build up a detailed performance curve database including data of different producers. For this reason, the software is also perfectly suitable for the use in companies of the Chemical Industry, for plant engineering firms as well as planning and engineering consultants.

Spaix 4 Quick&Easy is available on the market with immediate effect.

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