Flowserve Pumps Fully Comply with API 610, Ninth Edition


The American Petroleum Institute (API) recently updated its Standard 610, releasing the ninth edition of what has become the prevailing authority on the use of centrifugal pumps in petroleum, gas, hydrocarbon processing and heavy-duty chemical applications around the world.

Flowserve Pumps Fully Comply with API 610, Ninth Edition

The versatile Flowserve DMX multistage, axially split pump, conforming to API 610, BB3, is a workhorse in the petroleum and related industries.

As a pioneer of numerous significant advancements in petroleum-related pumping technology, Flowserve Corporation has continuously played an instrumental role in the development and release of this preeminent document. Flowserve offers the world’s largest and most complete line of API 610, Ninth Edition compliant pumps with the broadest range of hydraulic coverage, pressure and temperature capabilities.

A prominent member of the American Petroleum Institute and the committee responsible for the standard, Flowserve is in the forefront of meeting the petroleum and related processing industries’ ever increasing need for improved safety, reliability and emissions containment. To satisfy the varied requirements of its customers’ processes, Flowserve has over 100 different API 610, Ninth Edition pump models, each with multiple hydraulic and mechanical configurations. These include:

  • Type OH2 horizontal models, such as HPX and PHL
  • Type OH3 vertical in-line models, such as HWX and HWM
  • Types BB1-BB5 between bearing models, such as DVSH, HDX, DMX and HDO
  • Types VS1, VS2, VS4, VS5 and VS7 single and double case vertically suspended models, such as WUC and WUJ

Now also known as ISO 13709, one of the more significant changes to API 610 is its reference to international standards bodies. In addition to being internationalized, the standard addresses several issues including seals and sealing systems, vibration limits, and bearings.

For detailed terms and conditions regarding Flowserve or its many API 610, Ninth Edition compliant pumps, please contact your local Flowserve representative. For other contact details please visit the Flowserve website.

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