7th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Valves, Pumps & Automated Equipment from September 21 - 23, 2003 in China

As the authorized exhibition in the industry, FLOWEXPO has been held six times and has attracted more than 1000 exhibitors from China and overseas. The Expo has a high reputation in South China, and its professional status, which cannot be replaced by other exhibitions, is recognized by the flow industry. As the organizer of the No. 1 Chinese professional pump, valve, pipe, seal, flowmeter, instrument & automation exhibition, Shibo Exhibition Co., Ltd. will continue to upgrade the exhibition scale and its specialization. We believe that FLOW EXPO 2003 will prompt the development of the flow industry and provide an infinite business opportunity to the exhibitors. More than 1000 famous domestic and overseas suppliers have become the customers of Shibo Exhibition Company.

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