Fast, Flexible and Easy-to-Use Portable Flowmeter


An all-new portable ultrasonic flowmeter which provides users with lightning quick (instantaneous), signal acquisition, along with enhanced features and benefits, has recently been introduced by Flowline.

Fast, Flexible and Easy-to-Use Portable Flowmeter

Flowline Manufacturing, UK

The Ultraflux UF801-P, which is claimed to the most advanced portable ultrasonic flowmeter available, incorporates dual processors which increase the speed of signal acquisition and accuracy of measurement to ± 0.5%.

The result of all these features is a flowmeter that ‘raises the bar’ in a very competitive field. The UF801-P has already demonstrated superior performance when used to verify full bore electromagnetic flowmeters at a Severn Trent treatment works proving that an existing meter was correct and thereby saving the considerable cost of installing a replacement.

The UF801-P has been developed with the benefit of over 30 years of field experience and the result is a fast, easy-to-use and highly reliable instrument which is ideal for diagnostic and flow monitoring duties in all water and waste applications. It is designed to operate on any liquid and is simple to install and operate. The non-invasive external probes are simply clamped on to the pipe to facilitate easy and quick installation for immediate measurement.

The unit can be used on pipe diameters from 10mm up to 10 metres and includes an integral logger with a data capacity of over 6 months at 2 minute intervals and has a 14 hour battery life. Operation and set-up can be carried out either using the integral keypad or via software, while the digital signal processing feature using multiple processors, enhances response times.

External input options can now be included such as current, voltage, pulse, frequency, RTD input for heat metering and the programming and set include multi-parameter inputs including up to 3 layers of differing pipe materials, and finally there is a thickness gauge input option.

The UF801-P is highly effective in challenging flow monitoring applications, for example where fluids contain a high volume of solids, or air, it is able to detect and process any signal that propagates through the fluid to ensure reliable and accurate flow measurement.

The unit is compact, robust and watertight (to IP67), yet weighs only 1kg and is suited to a wide range of applications. For example, measuring and monitoring flows in networks of potable water, raw water, sewage and pump metering. Also, for flows of various oil products, petrochemicals, food industries, process metering and control, or wherever fast, accurate and reliable non-invasive flow monitoring and measuring is needed.

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