Fast Delivery from Hamworthy Pumps Helps Boskalis with their BWTS Upgrade

Hamworthy Pumps took immediate action when a new ballast water treatment system (BWTS) on a Boskalis vessel required a new and more reliable pumping solution.
Fast Delivery from Hamworthy Pumps Helps Boskalis with their BWTS Upgrade

Fast Delivery from Hamworthy Pumps helps Boskalis with their BWTS Upgrade. (Image source: Hamworthy Pumps Pte. Ltd.)

During installation of a new ballast water treatment system (BWTS) Boskalis faced a critical challenge: The existing ballast pumps on the vessel were undersized, and it was urgent to come up with a solution.

“During the feasibility study stage, our designer notices that the pressure head of the pump is not sufficient for BWTS filter because long piping and number of bends in the piping will add to the pressure drop. Therefore, we are looking for a replacement pump with 2.1 bar delivery head.”, says Saw Yan Naung, Vessel Manager, Boskalis Fleet Management Singapore.

A renowned solution
Hamworthy Pumps took immediate action on the request from Boskalis and came up with a suitable solution within a short period of time. The compact CG model, a vertical in-line single stage centrifugal pump with a capacity 250m3/h and 23m head was chosen for the job, because it suited the required duty point as well as the existing piping and available space onboard the vessel.

“The CG pump has been used in the maritime market for decades and is renowned for its robust construction, reliability and its unique hydraulic design that provides a compact unit with a modest space requirement”, says Pratheesh Prabha, Regional Sales Manager, MEA & APAC, at Hamworthy Pumps.

Pratheesh Prabha points out that Boskalis was extremely delighted with the solution and exceptional customer support from Hamworthy Pumps.

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