ELOCAT with Spaix PipeCalc


The Frankenthal pumps and valves manufacturer KSB in future will distribute its electronic pump catalog ELOCAT with the pipe calculation program Spaix PipeCalc of VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE.

Spaix PipeCalc is particularly in sewage and building technology the leading program for the duty point calculation of centrifugal pumps.

Spaix ® PipeCalc is a pipe calculation program for the determination of the duty point of centrifugal pumps (Q, H value). The software can both calculate the required capacity for selected applications according to international standards and determine friction losses.

Flow respectively capacity are determined in Spaix ® PipeCalc for:

- Sewage plants according to EN 12056 and ATV 118

- Drinking water supply plants according to DIN 1988

- Heating systems according to the German heating system decree (HeizAnlV)

For the calculation of friction losses non–branched pipe line systems as well as branched systems with identical, parallel lines are considered. Based on known flow rates the total friction loss of the pipe system as well as the required head of the pump are determined as the sum of all partial friction losses in straight pipe runs, valves, fittings and outlet losses. The calculation can be alternatively carried out according to the models of COLEBROOK or HAZEN WILLIAMS.

The results are clearly summarized on data sheets and can be immediately transferred to a pump selection program (such as ELOCAT or Spaix ® Classic) for further processing.

Multilingualism and a selectable measures system permit a flexible, global use of the program.

In order to support customers Spaix PipeCalc (or preceding version vs PipeCalc) is already used together with a pump selection program by the following pump manufacturers: ABS, ACO Passavant, Caprari, Ebara, Jung Pumpen, Herborner Pumpen, HOMA, KSB, Pumpex, Wilo

About KSB

KSB is Europe’s largest manufacturer of pumps and valves.

The applications range from building services to industrial processes, water engineering, mining and energy technology. KSB pumps and valves provide and distribute water to private, public and industrial buildings. They solve heating and air-conditioning problems. Chemical, petrochemical and many other companies use them to transport aggressive, corrosive, explosive, solids-laden and viscous liquids. KSB products deal with industrial and municipal waste water. And they stand up to every temperature and pressure that power generation can throw at them. Wherever these products are in use, they ensure that processes run smoothly and economically.

The KSB group employs approx. 12,200 employees worldwide and obtained an annual turnover of approx. 1.1 bn EUR (2000). The history of the company goes back to the foundation of the "Frankenthal engines & fittings factory Klein, Schanzlin & Becker" in 1871.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is the worldwide leading provider of pump selection software.

The product range covers PC and Internet applications with extensive functions for the selection and configuration of pumps and accessories as well as for following business processes and adjacent topics. Furthermore the company provides full after sales service. The division Internet Services operates the web sites impeller.net/spaix.net and besides offers the complete integration of the Internet-enabled pump selection software SPAIX Online into the existing home page of pump manufacturers.

The software and Internet company founded in 1993 with headquarter in Dresden, Germany maintains worldwide business relations with companies of the pump industry. The world’s largest pump manufacturers are customers of VSX.

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