Electrocloro Wins Major Tender To Supply New Pumps


Leading Portuguese pump distributor, ELECTROCLORO, Lda has been awarded the tender to provide submersible pumps for Águas do Oeste.

The project consists of pumps for upgrading the waste water systems for the towns of Alcoentre and Maxial, and ELECTROCLORO won the tender in a strong competition.

Electrocloro is very pleased with this order, as this is the first major order for the range of PXPumps submersible pumps, a brand new range that was introduced at the beginning of this year.

Mr Joaquim Borrelho, Managing Director of Electrocloro says that the contract was awarded to PXPumps because of their advanced features designed to ensure great reliability and easy service and maintenance. The contract is for 14 pumps comprising PXPumps models PX1-80 (1.85kW), PX2-100 (4kW) and PX3-80 high-head versions (21kW).

All PXPumps feature latch bolts, which simplify the access to the pump for maintenance and the cartridge seal is easily replaced. The unique water jacket cooling concept increases the reliability by overcoming a problem often associated with wastewater pumps.

Many wastewater pumps get too hot and might consequently shut down when water level gets too low. PXPUMPS has solved this problem with an internal cooling jacket – a feature, which the company believes to be unique in wastewater pumps. The internal cooling jacket optimises cooling at low-level frequency drive in the sump. This enables the pump to run safely and continuously, which prevents sedimentation at the bottom for complete emptying.

“With this feature, you can now run the pump continuously by adjusting the frequency all the way down to the lower part of the pump volute. This will most certainly reduce the pump-operating costs while ensuring sufficient cooling to protect the "dry motor", says Henrik Mogensen, CEO of PXPumps A/S.

For many years ELECTROCLORO Lda was the Portuguese distributor for the Swedish company, Pumpex AB.

ELECTROCLORO Lda was among the first dealers to reach a distribution agreement with the Danish company, PXPumps A/S.

Mr Joaquim Borrelho says the decision to make an agreement with PXPumps was easy. It is based on the assessment of the unique features that the PX product range offers over existing pumps and the benefits they allow ELECTROCLORO Lda to deliver to clients throughout Portugal.

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