Discflo’s Series 2000 ANSI disc pump


Using a highly advanced operating system that differs from other pump designs on the market, the ANSI 2000 Disc Pump allows users to achieve an unheard-of level of productivity, versatility and low Life Cycle Costs in all hard-to-pump chemical processing applications. Examples include pumping highly viscous, high solids and abrasive slurries, as well as fluids containing entrained air and gas, and delicate and shear sensitive chemicals.

The ANSI 2000 disc pump uses an innovative pumping principle. While Discflo’s ANSI disc pump looks like a centrifugal unit, it performs the work not only of centrifugals, but also progressive cavity pumps, lobe and gear pumps, while meeting the requirements of the ANSI standard for the chemical processing industry. ANSI disc pumps operate on the principles of boundary layer and viscous drag, leading to non-impingement pumping and laminar, pulsation-free flow through the pump. The pumping element or impeller is called the Discpac, a series of parallel rotating discs which create the force required to pump the fluid. As the discs rotate, energy is transferred to successive layers of molecules in the fluid between the discs via the viscous drag principle, with the layer adjacent to the discs - the boundary layer - at rest relative to the discs

This combination of boundary layer and viscous drag results in a powerful force that “pulls” the product through the pump in a smooth, pulsation-free flow. The fluid being pumped does not impinge on the moving parts of the pump, leading to minimal wear on the disc pump components,close-to-zero pump downtime and, in the case of shear sensitive materials, no product degradation or damage. The disc pump’s problem-solving ability in hard-to-pump applications is unparalleled in the world of pumps... making the Discflo truly the future of pump technology.


Discflo is a leading US-based pump manufacturing company, specializing in the hard-to-pump market. The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in southern California with distribution outlets worldwide. Discflo holds all the worldwide patents on the innovative ‘disc pump’ technology, a unique design that competes with centrifugal, PC, lobe, gear pumps, etc.

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