Deep Well Motors with Inverter on-board – No more pressure problems for deep well pumps

How many times did you face pressure instability when using water from a deep well submersible pump?

Probably quite often as far as water demand changes often during the day according to how many people need it (in the same time) and anyway how much water you need.

An inverter helps solving this issue and most of the times it works! Of course there are side effects such as:

  • the cost of inverter itself,
  • the cost of the accessories needed to use an inverter (such as filters and signal cable),
  • last but not least the time required to set up inverter and water pump communications

A technological improvement now available in the market may help reducing these side effects : we are talking about a submersible motor with the inverter integrated on-board. This technological evolution helps avoiding additional costs due to accessories and reduce to zero the waste of time due to set up. But how?

  • Filters to stabilize the electrical supply are needed when inverter and submersible motor are farer than 40 meters. The inverter integrated on-board is few centimetres far from the motor as far as they are in the same SS sleeve; filters aren’t required anymore. Benefit : saving high filters costs and no time required to install them
  • Signal cable is mandatory to able communication between the inverter and control panel that leads the pump. The inverter integrated on-board uses power cable (through the assisted waves media) to move data between inverter and control panel. Benefit : no more signal cable, expensive and  usually time consuming to be installed
  • Set up of an inverter usually takes time and requires technical knowledge as far as general inverters have to be set up. The inverter integrated on-board is projected and sized to work with that motor specifically so set up isn’t an issue anymore. Benefit : set up isn’t required anymore, saving time and making pump installation easy.

Few manufacturers in the market can boast such a technology: PM Technology, Italian submersible motor producer is among them with its 4OME submersible motor. It moves from 15Hz to 55Hz supporting all hydraulic pumps inside the Nema Standard.

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