Crest Pumps Group Launches Magnetic Drive Process Pumps in Full Polypropylene Parts


Crest Pumps Group introduces the all polypropylene AMX-GG range where the baseplate and bracket are now available in corrosion resistant polypropylene.

To keep processes streamlined, all polypropylene parts and complete pumps are available ex-stock and for next-day delivery. Both Full Polypropylene (AMX-GG) and original AMX magnetic drive pumps can be built to ATEX standards Zone 1 - 2 with a maximum temperature of 110c and an efficiency of up to 80%.

The AMX increases the mean time between maintenance and servicing with the pumps patented buffer system which absorbs vibrations and shock caused by adverse operating conditions.

To reduce costs and achieve a longer pump lifespan, the AMX-GG external parts mean total corrosion resistance and therefore less maintenance parts are required over the pump’s life.

Vanadis Power Case Study

As fuel cell renewable energy has tripled market share in the last 5 years, Vanadis Power in Germany are at the forefront of developing vanadium (fuel cell) into a renewable energy source that stores the kinetic energy from solar power.

Vanadis Power needed a set of 16 pumps that were able to pump from both the positive and negative electrolyte terminals into the membrane where the power is generated and stored into the back tank. A delicate process which requires a reliable and efficient pump for 24/7 recirculation.

Crest Pumps Group recommended and supplied the full polypropylene AMX 555-GG range for the ultimate corrosion resistance against this specialist application. The patented Run-Dry protection built into the AMX range ensures a leak-free design and a safe working environment which is particularly important when pumping highly valuable media such as Vanadium.

LCC Pump Cost Comparison

The AMX range is one of the most cost efficient pumps on the market thanks to lower energy consumption. The AMX range has been tested and proven to save clients over £2788 per pump over a 5 year period.

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