Corrocoat to protect and enhance the World’s Largest Ever Irrigation and Pumping Scheme


Anti-corrosion coating and engineering specialists Corrocoat have been awarded a contract worth £360,000 to provide corrosion protection and fluid efficiency systems for the concrete volute pumps, vertical turbine pumps and associated pipework making up the world’s largest irrigation and pumping scheme in Gujarat State, India.

The contract has been awarded through Corrocoat’s Indian partner, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd (KBL), India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of pumps, who have secured an order worth US$93 million to manufacture and install the entire pumping system.

Covering five pumping stations along the Saurashtra Branch Canal, the system calls for the manufacture and commissioning of 26 concrete volute pumps and 22 vertical turbine pumps, all of which will be coated using Corrocoat materials.

At over 100kms in length, the Saurashtra Branch Canal is the largest of the region’s Namada Project canal system. When complete, the total system (including three power stations) will lift 2.5 million litres of water per minute to provide irrigation water to the drought-affected areas of the Saurashtra region, as well as furnishing good quality drinking water for millions of people living in the region. The project – which is scheduled for completion 2004/5 - will irrigate 1.8 million hectares of land.

A combination of Corrocoat’s high performance glass flake filled coatings will be used to protect pumps, pipework and ancillary equipment. The company’s innovative Fluiglide friction reducing system will be applied to internally wetted areas of the pumps to ensure the systems operate at optimum efficiency. The order has been awarded on the basis of the company’s previous track record for similar but smaller scale works.

Source: Corrocoat

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