Competitively Priced Rotary Vane Pump with 1,5 m³ Flow


Rietschle Thomas has now closed the gap between miniature rotary vane pumps and rotary vane pumps with a flow of 3 m³/hr and more: The new VTF 1,5 series reaches a flow of 1,5 m³ with only 3,8 kg weight and a current consumption of 1,0 A.

Competitively Priced Rotary Vane Pump with 1,5 m³ Flow

The competitively priced pump is thus a real alternative, mostly in the field of pick and place applications.

Until now design engineers often had to use oversized rotary vane pumps because smaller versions were not available. Now the VTF 1,5 series saves costs, space, weight, and energy costs.

With the VTF 1,5 Rietschle Thomas engineers integrated technologies of two different pump series. The new pump can be installed and maintained without setting changes and adjustments. With the rotor fixed to the motor shaft pressures of 1,0 bar and vacuums of 150 mbar (abs) are achievable in continuous operation.

The new rotary vane pump is available as vacuum (VTF 1,5) or pressure series (DTF 1,5). The outlet in the vacuum version is via a sound reducing injection moulded nipple.

Typical applications for the VTF 1,5 series are automation/pick & place, lifting and vacuum clamping technology, construction and massage devices.

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