Change in Valmet’s Executive Team

Area President, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) at Valmet, has decided to continue his career outside the company. Vesa Simola will continue to be an active member of Valmet's Executive Team and lead the company's EMEA Area until his successor is chosen.
Change in Valmet’s Executive Team

Image source: Valmet Oyj

"Vesa Simola has led the business of the EMEA Area creditably since 2015. The Area is our company's largest market, and under Vesa's leadership, our operations have developed well in many respects. I thank Vesa for his contribution during these years as a member of our Executive Team and for his commitment to continue in the position until his successor is found. At the same time, I wish Vesa all the best in the next phase of his career," says President and CEO Pasi Laine.

Source: Valmet Oyj

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