CDR Pompe Gain Complete Control of Their Shares


CDR Pompe S.p.A, the chemical process pump manufacturer based in Milan, Italy, have obtained 100% shareholding of the company, formed more than 40 years ago.

CDR Pompe have enjoyed significant sales growth in recent years, with increases in the region of 30% for the last 4 years, bringing turnover to 5.8 million Euro’s, with particular growth into Export markets which bring in more than 50% of total pump turnover.

CDR Pompe owner and Managing Director Maurizio Abordi says “To gain complete ownership of the company has been a lifelong dream for us, we have worked very hard over recent years to continue our growth and our exciting product developments have meant that we have been able to aggressively bring ourselves into new markets with the introduction of plastic lined mechanical seal pumps, and more recently metallic sealed pumps.”

“Our recent successes have been as a result of very strong partnerships with distributors worldwide, and a better understanding of the market requirements, allowing the Abordi family to commit fully to the long term objectives we have set.”

CDR Pompe have committed to some new exciting product developments including self priming plastic pumps, larger non-metallic pumps and a huge investment to bring the manufacturing facility to a market leading status.

"Many of our recent successes have been as a result of significant design improvements, component rationalisation and an ability to provide un-matched delivery and after sales schedules."

“This important step will ensure the strategic goals that we have set ourselves can be fully met, with the long term objective of strengthening our global market position, and making sure CDR Pumps are a true global leader in the chemical process pump market”

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