CarboNet’s Novel Chemistry Combines with Innovative SEEPEX Pumps in Strategic Partnership

SEEPEX has entered into an agreement to supply clean technology company CarboNet with pumps for its water treatment solution, NanoNet Fe.
CarboNet’s Novel Chemistry Combines with Innovative SEEPEX Pumps in Strategic Partnership

CarboNet’s Novel Chemistry Combines with Innovative SEEPEX Pumps in Strategic Partnership. (Image source: Seepex Inc.)

The NanoNet Fe concentrate is delivered as a powerful, cost-effective, safe solution for onsite, industrial produced water treatment. Developed on CarboNet’s unique chemistry platform, it greatly reduces the amount of chemicals and time required to safely treat water. Special mixing is not required as CarboNet provides a SEEPEX Intelligent Metering Pump (IMP) to accurately meter the concentrate into the water stream. Installation takes as little as 4 hours, and the payback starts on day 1.

CarboNet relies on the flow performance of SEEPEX IMPs for the stable and accurate delivery of the NanoNet Fe concentrate. Hours of research, trial, and testing were put into selecting the best pump that could provide consistent laminar flow and withstand changes in processing conditions. A progressive cavity pump was determined to be the optimum solution with SEEPEX rising to the top as the trustworthy manufacturer to partner with.

Amielle Lake, CarboNet Chief Commercial Officer states, “Offering a differentiated customer experience has been instrumental in CarboNet’s initial success in the Permian Basin and on a customer service scale, SEEPEX is a 10 out of 10. The support they have provided, their responsiveness, and their ability to deliver pumps with incredibly short lead times is outstanding.”

SEEPEX Chemical Market Manager, Bill Martiniere adds, “We are delighted CarboNet has trusted SEEPEX to deliver their ground breaking water treatment solution that will radically transform how chemicals are developed, used, and impact the planet. Our companies’ expertise complements each other in regards to reputation, innovation, and service to create an unparalleled partnership to service the water treatment industry.”

Source: SEEPEX Inc.

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