BOC Edwards Sets New Standard with iGX Drypump Platform


BOC Edwards, a leader in the supply of vacuum systems and services, has announced the launch of its new iGX platform, responding to an industry need for a versatile, low utility cost, high-reliability, high-performance drypump for semiconductor processes.

The iGX platform sets new standards in excellence, offering users a wide range of variants and peak speeds to address applications from clean through to medium-duty processes. Introduction follows extensive testing, end user trials and qualification by several tool manufacturers. Its modular design and compact footprint allow for extensive configuration to suit customer needs.

On processes supported by the iGX, users will benefit from long overhaul intervals, as well as improved efficiency for lower cost of ownership. Typically, customers can expect an annual utilities cost saving of 40%.

Designed for the stringent demands of 300 mm applications, iGX will also prove cost effective in 200 mm fabs. In addition, BOC Edwards’ Active Utility Control feature can significantly reduce utility consumption during idle periods. The iGX range also provides ethernet connectivity and web page publishing of key data, as well as a comprehensive set of other networking options, so that pump availability can be assured.

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