BOC Edwards Adds the HT20B™ Diffusion Pump to its Vapour Pump Technology Range


BOC Edwards, leading vacuum pump manufacturer, has launched the new HT20B™ diffusion pump, for light and heavy-duty industrial applications. The robust HT20B diffusion pump provides consistent, long-term performance and users will...

BOC Edwards Adds the HT20B™ Diffusion Pump to its Vapour Pump Technology Range

The new HT20B diffusion pump from BOC Edwards (Photo: BOC Edwards)

...benefit from the highest throughput (up to 19mbar ls-1 for nitrogen) of any comparably sized pump. The new pump gives a high pumping speed of up to 8000 ls-1 and is ideal for processes involving large quantities of gases, such as furnaces and coaters. The HT20B diffusion pump has a machined, cast aluminium interior for exceptional pumping stability and a stainless steel body to prevent corrosion and ensure process cleanliness. It is simple to operate and requires minimum maintenance: the heaters and oil can be changed easily. The design of the interior and boiler assembly enables the pump's performance and ultimate vacuum to be maintained between oil changes.

It features a large sight glass to allow operators to easily check the oil level, without disturbing the integrity of the vacuum system, whether the pump is running or not. It also has three power modes enabling the power consumption to be reduced when the pump is on standby or lightly loaded, and rapidly switched to full power for processing. As a result, users are able to reduce their running costs. "We are delighted to be able to provide customers with a solution that meets their needs for a pump that has a low cost of ownership and is easily maintained," says John Skeates, business development manager, BOC Edwards.

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