AxFlow Acquires Hendriks Techniek Flevo B.V.


AxFlow Holding AB has announced that on 1st April 2010 the complete business activities of Hendriks Techniek Flevo Dronten, the Netherlands, were taken over by AxFlow’s new subsidiary AxFlow Systems B.V., making AxFlow a systems supplier throughout Europe.

In the past couple of years, the European process industry has shown a clear shift in demand away from component supply to systems supply. In order to meet this increasing demand most effectively, AxFlow has established AxFlow Systems. At this new Centre of Excellence (COE) for systems, AxFlow will concentrate its engineering expertise and knowledge to provide systems design, construction and sales resources.

“The COE will provide its services to all AxFlow markets, enabling the smaller sales organisations, in particular, to offer pump packages, skids and process systems, as well as improved levels of customer service,” reports Ole Weiner, President & CEO AxFlow Holding AB. “With the introduction of AxFlow Systems B.V., we shall be able to meet the demand for quick deliveries of assembled pump units and complete installations for the European chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and wastewater treatments industries,” continues Ole Weiner.

Operating in close co-operation with all the local AxFlow companies, AxFlow Systems B.V. will create increased value for customers in more than 20 European countries where AxFlow is active.

Source: AxFlow Group

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