Aussie Pumps Provides New Fire Survival Guide

Australian Pumps is going into emergency over-drive to distribute their new Bushfire Survival Guides. With fires rampant across the country, the guide has been produced to help property owner s deal with what is predicted to be the hottest, driest summer on record.
Aussie Pumps Provides New Fire Survival Guide

New Bushfire Survival Guide 2019. (Image source: Aussie Pumps)

Homeowners and farmers need to plan ahead to protect their livestock and property. Generally they know the basic preparation but not necessarily all the detailed steps required. This year’s guide has been expanded to include information to minimise the risk to livestock.

“With a tragic start to the season, homes have been lost with fires already raging across the country. We are urging people to be prepared now.” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager Brad Farrugia. “Our Survival Guide is available free and aims to educate on fire protection and safety.” he said.

The guide covers the essentials of bushfire protection, while also delving into detailed information, regarding equipment checklists. Also included are fire drills and pump maintenance. They are essential last minute checks to do in the event of an approaching fire.

The Survival Guide deals with product selection, while also stressing the need for an adequate water supply to be available for the property to be fully prepared.

A quality firefighting pump is key to setting up a protection system. It’s capability that counts. Not all pumps are designed to deliver top performance. Second rate gear from 3rd world countries can risk property, crops, livestock and even lives.

This comprehensive guide is unique in that it covers how to set up a roof reticulation system and sprinklers for property defence, as well as outlining how to protect livestock.

“Homeowners need to be prepared, planned and practiced at using the gear”, said Farrugia. “The time to get organised is now!” he said.

Free copies of the Aussie Fire Survival Guides for are available from Aussie Pump distributors Australia wide or directly from Australian Pump on the website.

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