Armstrong Variable Speed Multipump Booster Sets Approved By WRAS


Armstrong Fluid Technology’s 6800 IVS range of packaged variable speed booster sets has been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS).

Armstrong Variable Speed Multipump Booster Sets Approved By WRAS

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s 6800 IVS range of packaged variable speed booster sets

The conformance mark confirms that the range is fully in line with the exceptionally high standards demanded for water regulations, specifically the water supply and water fittings regulations. The seal of approval confirms that customers can have the utmost confidence in Armstrong booster sets to meet the industry’s most stringent and exacting standards for the prevention of leakage and contamination.

Armstrong 6800 IVS booster sets are ideal for buildings such as schools, hotels and hospitals and have specific design features which make them perfect for high rise residential and commercial buildings. A particularly important feature of the range is the revolutionary Soft Fill process, introduced by Armstrong in 2007, which reduces the risk of occurrence of water hammer associated with rapid exhaustion of air from piping systems – for example following a mains power failure where attempted water draw off leads to air entering the system.

Traditionally booster sets are designed to reach their target pressure as soon as possible, but this can lead to hydraulic shock damage in this sort of situation. Armstrong’s Soft Fill feature, however, automatically controls the pump speed in these instances and ramps up gradually to a fill setpoint.

As pressure increases are controlled, trapped air can be released, and water introduced to the system, in a gradual manner, without damage to fittings. The minimum fill time can be adjusted to suit site conditions. After initial start-up, when the system is in normal use, the booster set reverts back to its usual working conditions, reaching target pressures as quickly as possible.

The packaged booster sets incorporate a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 5 pumps, mounted on a stainless steel base-frame complete with stainless steel headers, and are pre-assembled and tested off-site for quick, trouble free installation. The intelligence for variable speed pumping is already built-in and factory-set to suit the building demands. The integrated frequency converters automatically manage the staging of multiple pumps reducing the need for additional equipment and thereby reducing capital cost. In addition, more accurate control of pressure is possible, enabling occupancy comfort to be optimized, whilst the automatic staging and control of pumps ensures best efficiency operation for minimized energy consumption. Additional benefits include minimized project risk, lower maintenance costs (through reduced wear and tear), and reduced life cycle costs (in all areas from lower upfront outlay to reduced running costs).

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