Armstrong Unveils New Pump Sizes


Armstrong Limited, a leading supplier of high quality, high-efficiency HVAC and fluid-handling equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications has launched new pump sizes for the Vertical In-Line (VIL) and End Suction pumps.

Armstrong now offers a 20x20x19 pump for the 4300 Vertical In-Line (VIL) Series. The largest of the 4300 pumps, this unit size will help to serve the needs of large central plants and district cooling facilities around the world.

The first building to install the 20x20x19 pump was a large hospital in Miami, Florida. The health facility required 3 units with 600 hp, 1200 rpm motors, each suitable for 8,000 USgpm at 100 ft head (650 L/s at 35 m). The pumps have been commissioned and the customer is delighted with the performance of the large pumps.

In addition, Armstrong has launched a new pump size for the End Suction and VIL Pump Lines. The new 3x3x5 pump for Series 4280 End Suction and Series 4380 VIL pumps is ideal for a variety of applications.

The small units are effective in low head re-circulation systems that are specified for small chillers, boilers and cooling towers. In addition, the small pumps are also efficient and cost-effective selections for low-head applications such as greenhouses and small commercial projects.

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