Armstrong Launches Parallel Sensorless Technology


Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the global launch of its Parallel Sensorless technology with the introduction of the Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller. The new Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller is an innovative add-on control device that coordinates the output of multiple pumping units in a parallel configuration to achieve significant energy savings.

Featuring advanced sensorless technology, the Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller controls up to four Armstrong Design Envelope pumping units and delivers superior energy efficiency, along with reduced first installed system cost. The monitoring and instruction provided by a parallel sensorless pump controller can coordinate operations to achieve even greater energy savings.

Properly coordinated pumps operating with best efficiency staging, can account for as much as 30 - 35% percent additional pumping efficiency. The efficiency improvements for larger installations can represent thousands of dollars per month in energy savings, and thousands of tons per month in reduced carbon emissions.

“When used in combination with our Design Envelope pumps, the Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller can help building owners significantly reduce their energy costs and achieve much greater efficiency throughout the system’s lifecycle,” said Lex van der Weerd, CEO of Armstrong Fluid Technology.

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