Armstrong Expands its New Engineering and Capability Centre in Bangalore, India

Armstrong Fluid Technology announced that it has moved its Engineering and Capability Centre to new, expanded office space in Bangalore, India to help support increased demand in the Indian marketplace. The new Centre will also support Armstrong’s two Indian manufacturing facilities.
Armstrong Expands its New Engineering and Capability Centre in Bangalore, India

Employees gather outside Armstrong's new Indian office. (Image source: Armstrong Fluid Technology)

The formal opening ceremony was held in mid-July and was attended by senior partners of local Indian engineering firms, tech companies and contractors, as well as global leaders in the Armstrong organization.

Reflecting on the move to a and a larger workspace and more central location for employees, Mr. Jiji Joseph, Commercial Director and Country Leader, India commented, “The move to new offices provides more space to accommodate the steady growth of Armstrong’s employee base in India. It also reflects our desire to be located closer to our major customers and closer to the talent pool.”

In his address to the assembled guests, Michael Fischer, Global Commercial Director, Building Business stated, We’re committed to working closely with customers and being responsive to their needs. We can help elevate the performance levels of their mechanical systems, meet their goals for sustainable operations and reduce costs at the same time.”

Executive Chairman, Charles Armstrong addressed the event via a recorded video. In his message he emphasized the need for values-based leadership in the world of business. “As a values-driven organization, Armstrong has always worked to serve the needs of customers. We are all very proud of the achievements of Armstrong, particularly how employees in India have so often leveraged their skills to serve customers around the world.”

Armstrong India was founded in 2004 for mainly sourcing impellers and mechanical components. Over the years, the company expanded into engineering, the Capability Centre and two manufacturing facilities. The company employees more than 300 people in India.

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