Armstrong Announces the Addition of the new DAS Dirt & Air Separator


Armstrong, a global supplier of fluid flow equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, is pleased to announce the addition of the new DAS Dirt & Air Separator to their Air and Expansion Control Line.

Armstrong Announces the Addition of the new DAS Dirt & Air Separator

This line of Dirt & Air Separators are designed to eliminate entrained air and separate dirt particles associated with the start-up and maintenance of hydronic systems. The DAS utilizes a robust Stainless Steel coalescing medium, which directs dirt particles of all sizes to collect in the chamber at the bottom of the unit. It also allows the removal of micro-bubbles and entrained air through the air vent located at the top.

The new DAS is manufactured to ASME code, and is one of the first products with a welded head that also provides ASME certification as a standard feature in the Separator product class.

The introduction of the DAS series will further extend Armstrong's range of products and increase the diversity of our offering. The DAS will also improve our ability to package products together, increasing our competitive advantage, while providing convenience to our customers.

Armstrong is a leading global supplier of quality HVAC and Fluid Flow equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Established in 1934, the company maintains eight manufacturing facilities on three continents and serves customers in over 50 countries.

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