Amarinth Leads the Way in Sustainable Industries

Amarinth announces its achievement as one of the first organisations to secure the Fit for Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage certification.
Amarinth Leads the Way in Sustainable Industries

Amarinth Leads the Way in Sustainable Industries (Image source: Amarinth Ltd.)

The Fit For Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (F4H2 + CCUS) certification, modelled on the established Fit For Nuclear (F4N) standard, assesses a company's readiness to supply the expanding sectors of hydrogen production and carbon capture. Amarinth has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and innovation by meeting the rigorous standards set by this certification.

Hydrogen stands as a promising low-carbon fuel source with immense potential to revolutionise industrial clusters, but its widespread adoption necessitates capable suppliers. The pilot F4H2 + CCUS programme, launched in late 2022, selected Amarinth among a group of 30 companies out of 90 initial applicants. Originating from the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), this programme aligns with the industry's demand for quality-driven, environmentally conscious solutions.

Amarinth's success in obtaining F4H2 + CCUS certification underscores its dedication to understanding and addressing the challenges of achieving net-zero emissions and demonstrates the high standards of quality management and performance across its business that are crucial for entering the supply chain for hydrogen and carbon capture. Through this accomplishment, Amarinth is poised to deliver the innovative pumping solutions that are vital if the hydrogen and carbon capture markets are to flourish.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone achievement, stating, "We have been developing our presence in the hydrogen and carbon capture markets over the past few years, and being one of the first companies to achieve F4H2 + CCUS certification underlines our commitment to these sustainable industries."

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