70 % Savings Potential in Hydraulic Systems


Reducing a system s power consumption is vital these days. This also applies to heating and cooling.

70 % Savings Potential in Hydraulic Systems

BOA-Systronic reduces the energy consumption of a circulator pump by an average of 70 %

The BOA-Systronic system of KSB Aktiengesellschaft in Frankenthal, Germany, enables operators to achieve average savings of 70 per cent in electricity costs incurred by pumps in heating and cooling systems in building services.

Hydraulic circuits still offer a huge savings potential which cannot be reached with conventional methods. High-efficiency pumps alone, although capable of realising a certain amount of savings, still fall far short of unlocking the full savings potential.

KSB s solution is to coordinate the operation of the pump and of optimally selected control valves and combine it with active, load-dependent pump control. The BOA-Systronic system can be used in room heating and room air-conditioning circuits. It can be combined with all kinds of static consumers such as radiators and underfloor heating systems, as well as with air heating and air cooling registers for maintaining room air temperature.

This technology provides operators with increased comfort of use and enables them to reduce operating costs in the years to come. The product is compatible with higher-level control systems. Straightforward selection and commissioning mean that system designers, too, benefit from this automation product.

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