Pump Designs in Building Services

Centrifugal pumps, as used in building services, can be categorized according to many different criteria.

In building services, especially for pumps for heating and air-conditioning technology, the classification of the pump design according to the sealing (wetting of the motor) is widespread:

Design Description
Glandless Pump Glandless pump with canned rotor motor
Glanded Pump Centrifugal pump with shaft seal

In addition, the subdivision according to the type of installation or the arrangement of the drive is common:

  • Monobloc with flange-mounted motor
  • DIN-standards with motor and coupling on common baseplate

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Centrifugal pumps should be selected such that the specified System Duty Point is located on or as near as possible to the point of maximum efficiency (Pump Duty Point) of the max. speed H/Q-curve.

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