Correct Pump Selection Vital for Seed Treatment Applications 

29.11.2021 -

Seed treatment is a long-established and proven way for farmers to battle crop diseases and destructive insects, while simultaneously encouraging germination and promoting early season growth. The pumps within seed coating machines have a range of challenges to overcome and demands to meet, so careful assessment at selection stage is vital.

Quattroflow Releases New Multiple-Use Pump for Biopharma Applications

10.11.2021 -

Quattroflow, part of PSG, has extended its multiple-use product line of quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps with the introduction of the new QF5k. Incorporating a variety of critical design enhancements and offering a maximum flow rate of 6,000 lph, the QF5k is ideally suited for demanding biopharma applications such as chromatography, TFF, virus filtration, sterile filtration and depth filtration.

Q.E.D. Announces Ultra Xtreme Pump for Extreme Landfill Conditions

10.11.2021 -

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems announces the new AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme pump for the most extreme landfill and remediation pumping applications. The exclusive self-cleaning vortex action and proprietary surface finish on internal components dramatically improves performance, allowing pumps to operate up to 10 times longer than the AP4 Ultra pump between cleanings.