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AGC Chemicals Introduces New Developments in Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Vessels, Tanks, Hoses and Pipes

AGC Chemicals Europe is presenting current developments and applications of its comprehensive product range of Fluon fluoropolymers and AFLAS fluorinated elastomers. The devives can measure the chemical permeation time of coatings more precisely than ever before. AGC Technology Solutions will be showing their wide range of glass-lined, corrosion-proof, chemically resistant pipe systems and fittings.

Adhesive modified Fluon ETFE Grades for cost-efficient hose and tube systems
With their outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and gases and resistance to temperatures up to 260°C, ETFE and PFA are the ideal raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as they meet the particularly demanding requirements of cleanliness and extractable substances. AGC Chemicals has developed specially modified Fluon ETFE and PFA grades with excellent adhesion to other materials, e.g. polyamides (PA). They are ideal for co-extrusion of multilayer hose and tube and are used effectively in the automotive industry as the internal layer in fuel hose. In this application an excellent price-performance relationship is achieved by using the material in combination with PA12 and PPA (polyphthalamide). AGC is showing selected solutions and possible applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, e.g. as a retro-fit for coatings and pipe-linings or for packaging systems. Claus-Peter Keller, Global Marketing Manager for AGC Chemicals, said, “Because of its advantageous combination of properties as well as good adhesion to other materials we see great potential for our modified Fluon ETFE and PFA grades. We look forward to exciting technical talks with experts from the chemical and pharma industry, to develop new applications together.”

Also included in AGC’s range of fluorinated thermoplastic materials are low melting point grades, high heat resistance grades, powder, compounds, as well as films, which are known best of all in the architectural industry. In addition the product range includes the Fluon PTFE family, available in the form of aqueous dispersions, coagulated dispersions or fine powder, and as dry lubricant, as well as AFLAS fluoroelastomers. The latter have excellent resistance to acids commonly found in lubricants, strong bases, solvents, hydrocarbons, amines and refrigerants and their use can therefore help to increase the service life of pumps and seals.

Precise Measurement of Permeation Time of Coatings
The time it takes for a gas or liquid chemical to penetrate a coating or internal reactor or pipe lining is critical for a safe and reliable operation. In cooperation with a leading consultancy for the plastics and rubber industry, AGC Chemicals has developed a testing device to measure this time with increased accuracy.

Full Range of Glass-lined Pipe Systems and Fittings
AGC Technology Solutions with Head Office in Kawasaki City/Japan is presenting its glass lined pipe systems and fittings which are marketed under the brand, GL™ and have been used in the chemical industry for 70 years. They are resistant to acid and chemical corrosion, are suitable for use at high operating temperatures and at high pressure, lie completely along the inner wall of the metal pipes and help to reduce the maintenance costs and therefore the total running costs. The range includes straight and short pipes, spacers, 90° pipe elbows, T-pieces as well as reducers with ANSI, GB und DIN standard flanges.

Picture: AGC Chemicals Europe is presenting current developments and applications of its extensive product portfolio of Fluon fluoropolymers and AFLAS fluoroelastomers. In addition the Japanese company, AGC Technology Solutions, is presenting its full range of glass-lined, corrosion-proof and chemically resistant pipe systems and fittings (Image: AGC Chemicals)

Source: AGC Chemicals

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