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New Franklin Electric Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System

SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System. (Image: Franklin Electric)

Franklin Electric now offers the Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System to provide a simplified way to select a packaged system for boosting water pressure in applications requiring more than one pump.

The Inline 1100 SpecPAK connects easily to nearly any commercial, industrial, or large residential plumbing configuration, so instead of choosing individual components within the system, contractors simply determine how much water flow is required to be boosted to the desired constant pressure output. The system comes properly packaged and ready for installation virtually anywhere with a product footprint small enough to be hung in a small utility closet. This concept not only takes the difficult guesswork out of the buying equation, it also requires less labor and inventory, often providing a cost savings over more complicated-to-spec packages. In addition to this initial simplicity, the Inline 1100 SpecPAK makes it easy to expand the quantity of pumps after the initial installation should a building expansion or any other increase in water usage arise.

The pump itself, the Franklin Electric Inline 1100, is a quiet, all-in-one constant water pressure system that contains the pump, motor, and drive in a compact package for easy and versatile system integration when designing water systems. As water volume needs increase, the pump instantly accelerates to the proper speed to ensure the water pressure stays constant throughout the application. Each unit provides up to 60 pounds of additional pressure, so when sized properly within the Inline 1100 SpecPAK, it will ensure the pressure typically doesn’t vary more than 1-2 psi. Because of this simplicity and the standard components, the Inline 1100 SpecPAK is easy to service should the need arise and requires less training for new installers.

Picture: SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System. (Image: Franklin Electric)

Source: Franklin Electric


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