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Franklin Electric’s MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor System Offers Efficiency Increase Of Up To 12 Percent

Franklin Electric now offers the 6-inch MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor System as an ultra-efficient, high-performance alternative to a standard induction motor and control. End users benefit from significant electrical cost savings via a motor efficiency improvement of 10-12 percent, providing a typical investment payback of less than one year in long- or continuous-run applications.

The MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor System features a rugged SandFighter® motor and optimized drive package to provide high efficiencies at constant horsepower. Permanent magnet technology allows the product family to cover the nine traditional pump horsepower ratings from 7.5 to 60 horsepower in three distinct motor models. Each system operates at full pumping and electrical efficiency with a range of pumps, maximizing contractor flexibility – especially when water tables drop and more horsepower is needed to compensate for the additional pumping head required.

Permanent magnet motor technology has helped power efficient motor-driven systems in many industries for years. It utilizes a unique design with a magnetic rotor, meaning that the magnetic field needed to turn the motor is already created. This is a significantly more efficient process compared to an induction motor that must create the magnetic field. The MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor requires less current, and operates at a lower temperature, thus increasing the potential life cycle of the motor itself.

The MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor System can provide the greatest benefit in long- or continuous-run applications, such as large-scale livestock operations; municipal well, high-volume transfer applications; and mining or dewatering applications. It is also an ideal fit for areas facing DOE efficiency regulations or those expecting tightened standards in the future.

End users interested in estimating their annual efficiency savings now have a way of doing so via the MagForce Savings Calculator that is located within the Franklin Electric AIM App.

Source: Franklin Electric


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