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Smart Metering Solution for Water Industry Instrumented with Siemens Technology

The Netherlands. Distrimex Service & Pompen is a Dutch sales partner to BBA Pumps, a leading manufacturer of mobile pump systems. Distrimex has developed the Smart Handy for companies in the business of ground water management. The device is designed to allow reliable meter readings to be performed particularly on building sites with no mains power supply or hardwired internet access.

The measurement technology integrated in the Smart Handy is provided by Siemens, and allows not only precision measurement but also remote access to the data. This eliminates the need for on-site meter readings, saving time and money.

The Netherlands is among the world’s leaders when it comes to digitalization and networking. But to enable deployment of smart technologies, two factors are vital: a mains power supply and internet access. What companies working in sectors such as ground water management require is technology which is available even where these two conditions can’t be met. The Dutch company Distrimex, a sales partner to pump manufacturer BBA Pumps, has developed a device for this type of application that works independently of the power grid: the Smart Handy. This intelligent metering solution combines a robust protective housing with components from the Sitrans process instrumentation portfolio from Siemens.

Automatic meter reading
The Smart Handy uses the electromagnetic flowmeter Sitrans F M MAG 8000 from Siemens, which is capable of measuring with an accuracy of 0.2 to 0.4 percent. The meter is fitted with a long-life lithium storage battery and was designed without moving parts, which eliminates the need for regular calibration or certification. The wireless communication module optionally integrated in the MAG 8000 enables remote configuration over SMS (Short Messaging Service). Updates can also be sent to the user over SMS or email. Wellpoint dewatering company Henk van Tongeren is among a large number of Dutch contractors who rely on just this solution. One application where the Smart Handy is in use is the building site for a new parking lot, where ground water has to be continuously pumped off due to excavation work down to between four and five meters. The metering device is installed in the discharge pipeline and sends measurement data to a web platform linked to the Smart Handy four times a day. This allows the customer to access project data in real time and intervene immediately in case of a fault (for instance, a sudden change in the flow readings). For van Tongeren, the greatest benefit of the smart solution is the convenience of automatic meter reading, which used to be performed manually and had to be done on site. This not only saves the operators a considerable amount of time travelling to and from sites to read meters, but also makes it quick and easy to gain an overview of the complete project at any time.

Source: Siemens

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