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Homa Website Relaunch - Available for Mobile Devices

HOMA Website Relaunch - Available for Mobile Devices (Image: Homa)

Following eight months of development and extensive practical tests the new communication platform is now online: more service, more information, responsives Design and Homa-inside-storys.

More service, more information
In addition to the provision of detailed product information, technical data, 3D views, up-to-date news, events, trade fairs, reference projects and a wide range of service offerings, we would also like to introduce some of our employees who work with Homa.

Responsive Design
While developing our new Website, we placed great emphasis on creating a pleasant user experience, by using a responsive web design that works on all end devices - from the stationary Computer to the Tablet or Smartphone. The content of our website is optimized by an intuitive menu navigation which is optimized for all platforms. In the first step we go online with the German and English version of the Website. The Polish and French versions will follow soon after the first launch. Our new Website offers interesting information for every target group: from interested end users, to customers, applicants, suppliers, media representatives, or our own employees.

In a completely section you can look behind the scenes of Homa. Employees from different departments provide insight into their occupation and reveal what makes us, what we call, a "Homa-Sapiens".

Picture: HOMA Website Relaunch - Available for Mobile Devices (Image: Homa)

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