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Grundfos MAGNA - the first of its kind in the world

Source Grundfos

Innovative use of a power-saving permanent magnet motor is at the core of a pump revolution that
- simplifies pump selection
- eases installation, and
- saves you time and money

Grundfos MAGNA is a unique series of circulator pumps for the Commercial Building Services sector. The MAGNA has been thoroughly tested in real-life installations throughout Europe and has already proven its reliability and worth.

Grundfos MAGNA is created from partnership. In creating the new Grundfos MAGNA development groups like The User Focus Design Team was assembled. Thanks to the feedback from existing partners, the engineers at Grundfos were able to create a sophisticated circulator pump for heating systems. The MAGNA features several advantages:

Reduced power consumption
Grundfos MAGNA uses up to 60% less energy than previous pumps. The permanent magnet motor increases the motor-efficiency dramatically. The MAGNA operates at optimal efficiency at any output and always adjusts its performance to the immediate demands of the system. The motor speed is regulated, so only the minimum power necessary is used. The MAGNA also applies with the new international requirements regarding impact on the electric network.

Fast installation – Simple operation
In order to facilitate installation, Grundfos has developed a unique terminal box. The fact that there are no loose parts to keep tabs on makes the installation very simple. After installation, the pump automatically finds the correct settings. The MAGNA is a world-first: a self-regulating pump who automatically learns the requirements of the system, and responds accordingly. This is providing the end-user with maximum benefit. Also the MAGNA cover is designed in close co-operation with the users, in order to achieve maximum convenience in operating.

The reliable pump
Drawing the stainless-steel canned rotor in one piece is a guarantee that liquid will never leak into the stator. Also the MAGNA is lubricated by the circulating water, thus no lubricants are changed and the risk that the bearings will run dry is eliminated. The overall reliability of the electronics is significantly improved. Built-in electronic motor protection safeguards the MAGNA against power surges or other faults in the mains.

Network communication
The MAGNA is designed to function in communication networks. The pump has the option of two-way communication modules compatible with LON and Grundfos' own GENIBUS. These modules are integrated directly into the new terminal box using clip-in modules. No external installation is required. In systems without network communication, the MAGNA can be accessed either manually or via an infrared remote control.

Picture: Source Grundfos


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