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Scrollvac Plus Vacuum Pumps from Leybold: Flexible, Robust, and Low-Maintenance

Scrollvac plus

Users in research and industry increasingly rely on dry and robust vacuum solutions, which will also provide flexibility of use. With the
modernized, air-cooled Scrollvac plus, Leybold offers an new uncomplicated, reliable fore vacuum pump, which exactly meets this requirement profile. Suitable for a wide application range.

The Scrollvac plus, which is an oil-free, dry running fore vacuum pump, qualifies for a variety of demanding applications: whether in the laboratory, in large research facilities, as a backing pump for turbomolecular and cryopump systems, or in vacuum ovens.

Low power consumption, high pumping speed
Scrollvac plus has low power consumption paired with a high effective suction capacity making it a real benefit to any application. In addition, with its very light, compact design, it occupies only minimal space in plants and equipment. This makes integration into new and existing vacuum systems an easy and convenient solution. The low level of vibrations and noise (less than 55 dB (A)) further increases the range of potential users, especially as these factors play a central role in ergonomic working environments.

Hermetically sealed, less impurities
Their functional and constructive features simplify the daily use of this fore vacuum pump. The hermetic sealing of the rotating parts from the pump chamber reduces the risk of contamination. With the absence of wear-resistant shaft seals, the developers have achieved a higher leak tightness. This predestines the Scrollvac plus for universal use indemanding processes.

Service and maintenance - simple and fast
The service and the sealing change are correspondingly simple and fast, and can be operated by the user on-site. Leybold s Scrollvac plus also has longer maintenance intervals than comparable competitive products. "With our new generation of scroll pumps Scrollvac plus, we offer the optimized pump variant for all customer requirements and at the same time set new standards with long service intervals and easy maintenance", explains Alexander Kaiser, Product Manager Dry Fore Vacuum Technology.

For all standardized maintenance tasks and procedures, an integrated hours counter documents the operating time. Leybold provides the appropriate maintenance kit for the different stages of servicing.

Various versions available
Leybold offers a wide range of pumping options for the different requirements: The product family is available in four versions with the pump speed stages 7, 10, 15 and 18 m3 / h. In the single-phase variant, it has a universal voltage drive for a constant performance worldwide, while the three-phase electronic-free variant is intended for areas with radiation. An integrated gas ballast valve also allows the pumping of condensable vapors.

This range of Leybold pumps is complemented by a Scrollvac C plus variant for the pumping of aggressive media and chemicals. With this C variant, internal parts are less sensitive to corrosion by aggressive gases.

Picture: Scrollvac plus

Source: Leybold

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