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MASTERFLEX: New WASH-DOWN Pumps Introduced

Two new wash-down pump systems have been added to the Masterflex® I/P® product line—the Stainless Steel/Chrome and the Bracket-Mounted Digital pumps.

Both are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications.

I/P® Stainless Steel/Chrome
Wash-Down Pump

The Masterflex® I/P® Stainless Steel/Chrome pump is ideal for sanitary applications. It features a stainless steel controller that can be wall mounted and a chrome-plated motor that reduce particle entrapment and facilitate thorough cleaning. The variable-speed motor is reversible, allowing you to pump in either direction. Easily control speed with a single-turn potentiometer. Separate power switch enables you to maintain drive setting when turning pump on and off. Start-stop via IP65-rated wash-down footswitch. After use, simply wash down the IP56-rated motor and controller.