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Sulzer Launches the Latest Addition to the Submersible Dewatering X Pump Range with Built-in Intelligence

Sulzer offers modular pump solutions with built-in intelligence. The XJ 110, XJC 110 and XJS 110 pumps are the latest additions to this range. Instead of a built-in contactor, an optional AquaTronic unit can be used. The AquaTronic unit compensates for incorrect phase order and this ensures correct motor rotation.

Like all Sulzer submersible dewatering pumps, the new X pump range offers an economical and reliable option for dewatering applications. Whether working in mining, tunneling or construction, the Sulzer pumps are a valuable insurance against water-related downtime. Sulzer offers solutions for different applications within the mining and construction markets.

The new pumps are equipped with high-efficiency electric motors rated 11.8 kW for 50 Hz markets and 13.5 for 60 Hz markets. The high-efficiency motor and new hydraulics are combined with low-friction bearings to reduce power losses. As a result, the total energy costs are low and the carbon footprint is minimized.

  • The submersible drainage pump XJ 110 is suitable for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives.
  • The submersible drainage center-line pump XJC 110 with slim design is perfect for applications with limited installation space.
  • The submersible sludge pump XJS 110 is made for pumping dirty water and water mixed with solids.
  • Source: Sulzer Ltd

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