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Advertisement: Global Water Conference 2016 – Sustainable Energy & Water Resources Management Week

Global Water Conference 2016 (GWC 2016)

The inaugural Global Water Conference 2016 (GWC 2016) is scheduled to be held from 17th – 18th August 2016 at Sule Shangri-La Yangon, Myanmar to address issues of water supply and resources management in the Asian region.

Asean, home to 600 million population with combined GDP of more than USD 2.4 trillion facing challenges on water resources due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. Especially in Southeast Asia, the situation is made worse by water-related disasters, climate change and lack of policies and governances in the region.

The Global Water Conference 2016 supported by Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development, Myanmar (MLFRD) and Southeast Asian Water Utilities Network (SEAWUN) with the theme of “Sustainable Water: The Keystone for Economy, Environment, Health and Security” is designed to facilitate the implementation of the water management policies and encouraging collaboration between those working on water resources management and water technologies, and those working on environmental, public health, economic growth and other issues. This is also an unparalleled platform to get updated on the market direction and explore investment opportunities in the water industry in Asean, specifically in Myanmar and the Mekong region.

Alongside the conference, there is an International Exhibition featuring key companies in the water and wastewater management, water treatment, pollution control technologies, sanitary and water equipment. This is a very good opportunity for your esteemed organization to know more about the latest technologies in controlling environmental pollution, the pros and cons of the technologies in water industries and proper ways to treat wastewater in order to reduce pollution to the minimum.

The objectives of Global Water Conference

  • To raise awareness on the importance of water resource management that contributing to a more sustainable water security in developing countries.
  • To identify challenges and opportunities in improving water efficiency under the prevailing socio-economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions in the developing countries.
  • To facilitate an open scientific discussion platform to share knowledge and experiences between researchers, executives, decision and policy makers, private sector, and other stakeholders, on improving water efficiency in the various water supply and consuming sectors.
  • To identify scientific and technological research needs and priorities in the field of water efficiency to aid the process of policies formulation and decision making.
  • To identify key trends and issues confronting the sustainable accessibility of clean water
  • To provide networking and build business opportunities whilst engaged in discussion on pertinent issues with industry experts
  • To build a research and experience exchange network between individuals, institutes, civil society/NGOs and private sector in the field of water efficiency.
For more information, please log on to or contact the secretariat at +603 2771 1668

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