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SPX Vane Pump Design Reduces Costs

The Plenty brand vane pump has technology with gentle, low shear pumping action; low rate of wear; energy efficient pumping and variable flow without the need for variable speed drive systems. The pump incorporates a rotor between the vane tips and the stationary body core, with two sets of parallel flats machined on the inside surface against which the vanes run.

The ends of the vanes are angled to give a component of force to drive the rotor around and, creating the same action as traditional vane pump designs, the shaft and rotor centrelines are eccentric and form expanding and contracting cavities as the shaft rotates.

The benefits of the Plenty vane pump explained
The gentle pumping action of the Plenty pump is due to reduced turbulence as the pumping cavities are not in direct contact with the pump bore. Its flat blades create a large area of contact and, unlike conventional designs, the tip of the vane does not rotate at high speeds against a liner but only travels up and down the flat side of the rotor once during a single revolution. This reduces its movement to around one tenth of the distance, significantly reducing wear at the most critical and vulnerable part of the pump.

Variable flow without variable drive systems
The variable flow vane pumps from SPX Flow have a movable inner body that can slide in the vertical plane of the main body. This enables variation in the eccentricity of the shaft relative to the rotor. As eccentricity is decreased, the flow rate decreases until, when concentric, there is no flow and no hydraulic horsepower absorbed. The pump’s flow rate can be matched to the system demands without the need for return / spill back lines, reducing power wasted and lowering the running cost for the installation. Indeed, at very low flow rates, power savings of as much as 120% can be achieved compared with a conventional positive displacement pump.

SPX Flow’s Plenty pumps are designed to be robust. The rotary sliding vane pumps utilise thick section, fixed length vanes that have no small parts that can break and can withstand harsh operating conditions. They can be supplied to various international pump standards, including API 676, and specific operator requirements. A wide array of options and model variants are available, including the choice of manual, remote or constant pressure control, and the units can be further customised to handle exceptionally viscous and arduous applications.

Plenty vane pumps are ideal for the transfer of viscous fluids from 2 cst to 75,000 cst or higher. They offer an efficient, reliable solution that can significantly reduce running, maintenance and installation costs compared with alternative equivalent pump designs. As with all SPX FLOW solutions, Plenty pumps are supported by a comprehensive global aftermarket service network and in depth knowledge of oil, gas and petrochemical applications.

Source: SPX

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