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HMS Group 3 Quarter and 9 Month 2015 Order Intake

HMS Group released the statement regarding orders received for the 3rd quarter and 9 months of 2015.

9M 2015 Highlights:

  • Total order intake amounted to Rub 26.9 bn, up 10% yoy
  • Industrial pumps business segment grew to Rub 12.4 bn, by 12% yoy
  • Oil & gas equipment business segment, in contrary, decreased by 41% yoy to Rub 6.2 bn
  • Compressors business segment increased its order intake by 364% yoy to Rub 6.9 bn
  • EPC business segment stayed flat at Rub 1.4 bn

The Group’s order intake under management accounts for 9 months 2015 amounted to Rub 26.9 bn (+10% yoy) while in quarter terms it grew more than twofold, from Rub 5.8 bn to Rub 11.9 bn. When excluding large contracts signed, order intake for standard equipment grew both in 9 months and quarter terms (+24% yoy and +45% yoy correspondingly).

Industrial pumps business segment
For 9 months 2015, order intake increased by 12% yoy to 12.4 bn, driven by an inflow of small- and middle-size contracts.
In 3Q 2015, order intake for industrial pumps showed a increase of 1% yoy.

Oil & gas equipment business segment
For 9 months 2015, order intake decreased by 41% to Rub 6.2 bn mainly due to a high base effect in the period for comparison, when a large oil & gas contract was signed in 2Q 2014. If it is excluded from the consideration, oil & gas equipment order intake, in contrary, grew by 25% yoy.
In 3Q 2015, order intake increased more than twofold year-on-year and reached Rub 2.8 bn (+196% yoy) with a growth for 3 quarters running.

Compressors business segment
For 9 months 2015, order intake amounted its record high Rub 6.9 bn (+364% yoy) not only because of a large Rub 3.5 bn contract signed in 3Q 2015, but also due to a growing inflow of orders for standard compressors.

Engineering business segment
For 9 months 2015, order intake remained unchanged at Rub 1.4 bn. The project & design sub-segment’s order intake grew by 30% yoy that compensated a decrease in the construction sub-segment. A lack of orders in construction is explained by problematic situation on the construction market and that, in general, contracts are signed at the year-end.
In 3Q 2015, the engineering business segment’s order intake decreased by 38% yoy to less than Rub 0.6 bn due to within-year variability.

Source: HMS Group

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