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Voith Presents Technologies for Reliable and Environmentally Friendly Power Supply at Hydro 2015

Storage, guaranteed power and flexibility turn pumped storage into a

One of the most important international trade fairs and conferences of the hydropower industry, the Hydro 2015, starts today in Bordeaux, France. As one of the leading suppliers of hydropower technology, Voith participates in the three-day technical conference with various presentations.

"The energy industry is facing changes – climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Hydropower is not only a power source which is proven for generations, reliable and cost-effective. With its versatile technologies hydropower is a fundamental element of climate-friendly power generation of the future," explains Heike Bergmann, Member of the Board of Voith Hydro Heidenheim. The Voith booth highlights three major topics: service for existing plants, innovative power plant concepts and pumped storage.

Operating the existing power generation fleet smoothly and at optimum performance as well as extending their lifetime by preventative maintenance, is the focus of Voith’s HyService solutions. This not only ensures the outstanding long-term profitability of hydroelectric power plants, but also provides a fundamental contribution to security of supply.

In addition to solutions for already existing power plants, Voith also presents new developments: The Stream Diver is a compact and environmentally friendly turbine. This new concept is apt for application where conventional hydropower plants have reached their limits. Worldwide, there are various locks and dams with low heads whose great energy potential has not yet been used yet. StreamDiver technology makes untapped potential economically viable. As it can be integrated directly into existing weirs, no further civil structures are needed.

Pumped storage power plants offer the flexibility and reactivity needed for reliably and quickly balancing the fluctuations caused by power generation from wind or photovoltaics as well as power consumption. Pumped storage plants can feed surpluses of electricity into the grid several hours after generation, thus making fossil plants partly superfluous and keeping CO2 emissions at a minimum. As a result, they prevent environmentally friendly energy generated during peak periods from being wasted. Especially the combination of storage, guaranteed power and flexibility turns pumped storage into a "multifunctional power plant" ensuring grid stability and security of supply.

"The globally growing share of renewable energy within the power supply changes the energy mix. Through the consistent use of the cost-effective and proven pumped storage technology, the key challenges of an energy system based on renewables can be mastered," emphasizes Bergmann.

Picture: Storage, guaranteed power and flexibility turn pumped storage into a "multifunctional power plant" ensuring grid stability and security of supply (Image: Voith GmbH)

Source: Voith GmbH

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