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Total Pressure Measurement Equipment Expands to Include New Addition

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Many vacuum applications only operate in a certain pressure range. In order to operate vacuum systems with high precision, the total pressure must be measured reliably. For this purpose, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a range of different measurement equipment series with a digital or analog signal output, which is now being expanded with the addition of the CenterLine series.

DigiLine, ActiveLine and ModulLine
With the DigiLine series, thanks to the modular design of the signal output, the user can choose digital interfaces to suit the particular requirement. All gauges feature an RS-485 interface. Optional Profibus DP and DeviceNet interfaces are also available. This allows users to operate DigiLine gauges in large systems within a communication network. An interface known as an AR interface (analog output with relay) provides additional possibilities. The protection class IP54 and M12 connectors qualify these gauges for use in applications with harsh environments. Furthermore, the gauges can be operated with the accessories from the current HiPace turbopump series in a communication network.

The ActiveLine only has an analog output. This compact series provides the largest selection of measuring principles in the Pfeiffer Vacuum range. In this way, it allows total pressure measurement in the ultra-high vacuum range right up to the overpressure range. The user can combine the gauges with 1, 2 and 6-channel controllers.

The vacuum gauges in the ModulLine series do not contain any electronics. They are suitable for use in places with high radiation exposure, such as in medical technology and in particle accelerators.

New analog measurement equipment in the CenterLine series
Just as in the existing ActiveLine series, the CenterLine series also comes with an analog output. Thanks to its compact design, it allows space-saving installation in vacuum process systems, analytical instruments, leak detectors and numerous other applications. Instead of using the Hirschmann connector as in the ActiveLine series, the gauges in the CenterLine series are either equipped with an 8-pin FCC connector or a 15-pin D-sub connector. These connectors are widely used in industry, which makes their integration into existing systems easier for the customer. The customers can choose between a variety of measuring principles for ultra-high vacuum up to atmospheric pressure.

CenterLine uses state-of-the-art controllers. They allow communication via USB and Ethernet interfaces, and the brilliant LCD screen makes it easier to read the measured value. The gauges are automatically detected by the controller, which makes for safe and easy installation. In addition to the analog output, some gauges have set points for better process control.

Also worthy of special mention is the FullRange gauge PTR 91. This gauge reduces the magnetic field of the cold cathode that is present due to the inherent principle involved, to a minimum. The innovative design of the measuring chambers extends its service life considerably. A removable dual chamber ensures easy and cost-effective maintenance, which can easily be performed by the user.

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Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum


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