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Zuwa Introduces the New Flat Suction Kit Elephant

Flat suction kit Elephant (Image: Zuwa-Zumpe GmbH)

With the included flat suction mat the Elephant is ideal to vacuum leakages of all kinds (washing machines, dish washers, puddles around boilers or hot water tanks etc.).

The kit is also equipped with a strainer for draining pump sumps or lifting systems quickly and comfortably.

This makes the kit an great tool for any craftsman. It is also a good helper for any private household.The convenient transport box is used as a collecting tray for fluids.
The reliable kit is ready to use in an instant by using a regular drill or cordless drill. Fluids are - in contrary to submersible pumps or wet vacuum cleaners - removed almost completely.

The great advantage of the Elephant compared to usual suctions sets is its handy size. It can be stored anywhere, assembling and disassembling is simple and it is inexpensive.

The Elephant comes with a dry self-priming Impeller pump Unistar 2001-B. The pump works in both directions and pumps fluids containing solids as well. The Elephant can be used for waste water, various oils or even cleaning agents.

Picture: Flat suction kit Elephant (Image: Zuwa-Zumpe GmbH)

Source: Zuwa-Zumpe GmbH

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