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Industrial Valve Revenues Will Reach $68 Billion This Year

McIlvaine Company

Industrial valve sales will be $68.4 billion in 2015 according to the latest forecasts in N028 Industrial Valves: World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

The McIlvaine forecasts are displayed in constant 2010 dollars. The forecast for 2015 is $58 billion with a 1.18 multiplier to account for inflation. McIlvaine forecasts are based on end use. These are compared to analyses displayed at the recent Industrial Valve Summit in Italy.

These figures show that some of the EU countries are major exporters of valves with Italy being the leader. China and the U.S. are large exporters but even larger consumers. Robert McIlvaine, president of the McIlvaine Company participated in a global sourcing panel discussion along with representatives of several of the major oil companies. The main message in the McIlvaine presentation is that exporters can enhance their position by providing total solutions. He used the example of Pentair which provides valve systems to deliver compressed air in a unique manner to maximize cleaning of filter elements.

The company has the engineering expertise to deliver complete pulse jet cleaning solutions and takes responsibility for valve sizing and configurations. This total solutions approach provides maximum value to the purchaser and also increases the revenues and profits of the supplier. Several of the other panelists and attendees expressed similar opinions relative to total solutions.

The key to success is understanding the processes. This has not been a traditional skill of valve companies but is one which they would be well served to pursue. For those companies who want to carve out an international presence, the knowledge and products to uniquely make the process better are very good ways to increase penetration throughout the world.

A major theme at the Industrial Valve Summit was the loss of knowledge as many of the experts within the consulting companies and end users are retiring. This makes the process knowledge even more important. McIlvaine has decision programs to provide this process and product knowledge. One is for coal-fired power plants and the other for gas turbine combined cycle power plants.

The conference included a number of unique and invaluable papers. They can be purchased from the conference organizers for $325.

Picture: McIlvaine Company

Source: McIlvaine


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