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SIWW Technology and Innovation Summit to Develop Global Blueprint for Water Solutions

The inaugural Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Technology and Innovation Summit (STIS), to be held from 16 – 17 June, will bring together approximately 250-300 senior delegates from water and wastewater utilities, industrial water users, solution providers, research institutes, international organisations, investors and technology multipliers to develop a global blueprint for water solutions.

Recognizing that technology and innovation are key drivers to develop solutions for water challenges, the STIS aims to generate discussions and develop consensus among global water experts on the key drivers for innovation, how to reduce barriers to innovation, and the priority research areas for the water industry.

Ng Joo Hee, Chief Executive of PUB Singapore and STIS Chairperson, said, “Singapore is forced by our circumstance to find alternative ways to water sufficiency and sustainable water security. Our way for doing this is to think out of the box, to innovate and to try new ways. This is only possible because we have used our imagination, researching and testing continuously, and exploited technology to overcome our water challenges. Hence, we have managed to turn a disadvantage into a strength, and a vulnerability into opportunity.

“In convening STIS, we hope to further illuminate the way forward in terms of the next wave of innovation in water and wastewater management. Our objectives are no less to identify the key technological areas for urgent focus, and to suggest the best ways to bring innovative solutions to market. Certainly, the proceedings at STIS will help both Singapore and also the larger world achieve a more sustainable water future.”

An International Programme Committee comprising 12 eminent water experts has put together a comprehensive two-day programme covering discussions on key global trends and factors driving innovation, global solutions to meet local needs, and financing full-cycle innovation. The outcomes of STIS will be compiled into a Blueprint for Water Solutions, and will help shape the content and discussions for SIWW 2016.

“We are heartened by the leadership PUB has displayed in taking the lead to organise this Summit. Rapid urbanisation, population growth, and climate change are posing challenges to the world’s water and wastewater systems. At the same time, water is also an important component to many industries and a key ingredient to fuel economic growth. The STIS provides a timely platform to meet this need with innovation and effective, efficient water technologies,” said Jonathan Clement, CEO, PWN Technologies and member of the STIS International Programme Committee.

STIS is part of the SIWW Spotlight event series, held every other year, that aims to continue the dialogue on pressing challenges faced by the water industry worldwide.

Bernard Tan, Managing Director, Singapore International Water Week, said, “SIWW plays a key role in providing a global platform to drive and facilitate discussions on innovation and leading edge technologies, and share best practices with other utilities. In addition, small-scale, by-invitation-only events such as this year’s STIS and the SIWW Water Utilities Leaders Forum in 2013 help us look at specific sectors and critical issues, and promote discussion in greater depth.”

STIS will be held from 16 to 17 June 2015 at One Farrer Hotel, Singapore

Source: Singapore International Water Week


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