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New NSB Pumps from KNF

NSB Pump Series from KNF (Image: KNF Neuberger GmbH)

NFB pumps have two heads driven by one motor. In parallel connected mode, the alternating operations of the pump heads result in a smooth and level flow. This reduces the need to install additional components to overcome pulsation.

Operating in the individual mode, two different liquids can be transported at the same time, which can make a second pump superfluous. As a result, both modes offer cost-saving potential.

The pumps compact design provides greater flexibility for customers when fitting them into their systems. Driven by adjustable brushless DC motors, the pumps flow rate can be regulated by the customer and matched to its parameters. All this helps to reduce lengthy testing and improve time to market.

Using KNF Flodosí well-proven diaphragm technology, the medium is transported very gently, which makes handling sensitive fluids easier. Furthermore, there is no pollution by abrasives, unlike, for example, with gear pumps. The handling of chemically aggressive fluids is enabled by using different materials for valves and diaphragms, in line with customer requirements. The results are maintenance-free pumps with a long service life that perfectly fit the intended purpose. At atmospheric pressure the NFB 5 delivers 5 to 50ml/min, the NFB 25 50 to 300ml/min. The maximal permissible pressure for continuous operation is at one bar. Both pumps reach a suction height of three meters.

Features and benefits

  • LowCompact design
  • Ability to transport two separate liquids simultaneously
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Diaphragm technology for clean, gentle transportation of sensitive liquids
  • Chemically resistant options available
  • Long lifetime and maintenance-free
  • Self priming and dry-run safe
  • Offers cost-saving potential

Picture: NSB Pump Series from KNF (Image: KNF Neuberger GmbH)

Source: KNF Neuberger GmbH


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