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Pioneer Pump Feels the Burn at Welsh Coal Mines

Pioneer’s 150CX high pressure clear liquid pump (Image: Pioneer Pump)

Celtic Energy is a leading coal mining company in South Wales, with three open cast mines producing over one million tonnes of coal per year. The company is renting five Pioneer pumps to dewater its mines, ensuring operations continue to run as efficiently as possible.

Established in 1995, Celtic Energy produces quality coal from its three mines and coal washery in South Wales. The coal mined and processed at these sites is delivered to customers throughout Europe. The company is renting two Pioneer Pump 150CX clear liquid pumps and three solids handling pumps – a 100SH, a 100SM and a 150SL – to remove excess water that collects in its open cast mines. This is pumped into a water treatment area for processing, before it is directed into one of six dedicated discharge areas and released into nearby rivers.

On average, the pumps remove up to 10,000m³ of water a day at each site. This is first pumped 120m vertically to lift the water out of the mine, and then transported horizontally over a distance of approximately 500m.

As well as the units themselves, Pioneer Pump provides a tailored solution to Celtic Energy’s specific needs. As an ISO 14001 accredited company, it is committed to reducing energy consumption and ensuring operations are as environmentally responsible as possible. As a result, the company has worked with Pioneer Pump’s Welsh division to produce a solution that will reduce the fuel burn of its dewatering activities by 10%.

“These pumps are ideal for our operations,” says Mark Heames, mine manager at Celtic Energy. “Pioneer Pump has helped us to reduce our fuel consumption as well as to enhance our operations. We are also pleased with the aftersales service – the Pioneer team is on-hand to provide a quick solution if there are issues with our dewatering process.”

Pioneer’s 150CX high pressure clear liquid pump provides a maximum flow of 900m³ per hour with a maximum head of 202m. The pump features an automatic stop/start function with floats, and is designed to reduce operating costs and energy consumption. The 100SH, 100SM and 150SL solids handling pumps are able to pass solids of 76mm, and feature Pioneer enclosed solids handling impellers to deliver outstanding lift for maximum efficiency and a lower fuel burn.

Picture: Pioneer’s 150CX high pressure clear liquid pump (Image: Pioneer Pump)

Source: Pioneer Pump


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